Basic Principles

In our work we always observe and avoid conflict of interest. In case such conflict of interest exists we immediately undertake the necessary measures to resolve such conflict of interests.

Service, Integrity, Honour
KAA Law strives to follow this philosophy in its work.

Dynamics and Precision
KAA Law develops a modern and dynamic practice, being business-oriented we provide precise legal protection of any client. Our firm focuses on quality of service to our valued clients

Professionalism and Team work
KAA Law disposes with a team of six lawyers, who are working on highly Professional level both in their specialty and in good coordination with each other.

The essence of our work is expressed in the customized approach towards each client, combined with legal services of highest quality. In this way we provide a perfect legal counsel services.

Respect and Confidentiality
The respect we have towards our clients is our highest priority. We are driven by the supremacy of law and we strictly observe the principle of confidentiality of the information being entrusted to us by our clients.