About Us

KAA Law firm based in Accra Ghana, is dedicated to the provision of legal services to our varied clients. KAA Law is organised in a manner to be capable of covering almost all fields of law, but having its emphasis on real estate and general property law, construction issues, commercial and company law.

We represent our clients at both national and international levels. Using our knowledge and highly professional experience in property issues we offer solutions that provide added value to our clients' businesses and lead them to success.

KAA Law cooperates successfully with lawyers and law firms within Ghana and abroad. We have an established network of professionals like notaries public, accountants, auditors, real estate brokers, estate valuers, land surveyors, planners, etc. so we are able to meet the requirements of our clients in all business sectors, because we offer not only legal, but property valuation and appraisals, property audits, and facilities management services.

The diverse background of our team of staff has been one of the reasons which often put us above our competitors. Our clients include some of the companies featured in the prestigious Ghana Club 100 and some multinational companies.

Our firm is managed by some of the best all round real estate lawyers you can find in Ghana currently. The Managing Partner, Kwasi Amofa-Agyemang is a specialist in the real estate and development law. Beside his law qualifications, Mr. Amofa-Agyemang also holds a BSc.(Hons) degree in Land Economy and Real Estate from the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology and has over 19 years practice in the real estate industry. Thus besides being a member of the Ghana Bar he is also a member of the Valuation and Estate Surveying Division of the Ghana Institution of Surveyors, the official body regulating real estate practice in. Mr. Amofa-Agyemang also has an MBA in Finance with special emphasis in real estate investment and analysis. He also has up to level 3 the ACCA and understands real estate finance and accounting.

In October 2011, Mr. Amofa-Agyemang was invited to give a lecture in Methods of appraising real estate investment in Ghana at the annual conference of the Ghana Institution of Surveyors. He is a member of the Africa Real Estate Society (AFRES).

Secondly, our law firm is also run together with its sister company called Valuation & Appraisal Consult, which provides a full scale real estate advisory services, namely: real estate assets acquisition, development, management and maintenance, rental and sales as well as valuation, surveying and appraisal services.

Thirdly, our lawyers and professionals have participated in several national and international real estate conferences notable among these are the annual Conferences of the American Real Estate Society in 2011 in Seattle USA and Florida, in 2012, Africa Real Estate Society in Windhoek in 2011 and that of the commonwealth Association of Surveyors and Land Economists (CASTLE) in Malta in 2011. This has equipped our lawyers and professionals to render top class real estate advisory services.

Our firm also provide support services to other law firms in handling real estate and inheritance matters. For the last three years our lawyers have also served as resource personnel and arbitrators for the Ghana Arbitration Centre in resolving real estate related disputes one of such disputes involved FAO office of the United Nations in Accra, Ghana.

Our firm's knowledge and experience in real estate cuts across both local and international and also covers both customary and statutory holdings of land transaction.

We have provided advisory services in construction and real estate development and mortgage transactions for banks for real estate financing.

Our knowledge in real estate appraisal and valuation also puts us above our peers and we are a preferred choice law firm for real estate developers because we provide boutique real estate advisory services.

Our non law real estate professionals in our team are very dynamic and enterprising and highly respected in the real industry in Ghana.

Our services range goes beyond providing ordinary legal advisory services to include investment and development and well as environment aspects of the real estate business and we are unparalleled in Ghana in this area.