Billing Policy and Invoicing

Our standard payment arrangements include hourly rates, flat fees, retainers or contingent fees.

Hourly rates
Here, we get paid an agreed-upon hourly rate for the hours we work for our clients on a client's case or matter until it's resolved.
A retainer arrangement
Under this option we are paid fixed periodic fees for legal representations.

A contingency fee
It is an arrangement where we are paid a portion of any recovery on a legal matter that we realize for the benefit of the client. Contingency fees are usually, but not always, calculated as a percentage of the recovery. Under these arrangements, the client is not obligated to pay unless there is a recovery.

Sometimes, a blend of one or more of these fee arrangements is used.

Factors Impacting Our Fees
The fees for our services are based on many factors, including:
  • Time & Effort – Our lawyers charge both for time they work on a case and the amount of effort the case requires
  • Geographical Location – Our charges also sometimes depend on whether the case is outside our location or not
  • Outcome - On occasion, as in contingent fee matters, the fee may depend on the outcome of the case and the risk of no recovery
  • Advice - Legal opinion following research and case review
  • Difficulty of Case - The fee may be higher if the case is difficult or time consuming, or if there is a risk of no recovery
  • Overhead - The costs associated with the our secretary, copies, books, legal research, and other items also affect our billing.
  • Preferred Client Discount - Loyalty counts when it comes to working with our company. So we usually discount services if the client frequently uses our services.